After the first event in Voorthuizen in 2002, many more will follow in many places at home and abroad. The weekend has become a camping week that is organized every spring and autumn by other members. The aim is to get together in a different place each time so that each time a different beautiful part of the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany is visited.

By the way, it is not necessary to come for a whole week, a weekend or a few days is also fine. Also the participation in the activities is free of obligations under the motto 'nothing must, everything is allowed'. A few activities return every Event. Like the welcome drink at the beginning of the Event where the board introduces itself to new members.

On the second Saturday there is the Open Door Day during the day where all Constructams literally open the door for members and other interested parties. This is often advertised in the local media. The event ends on Saturday evening with a communal barbecue.

Constructam Caravan Club vlag
At each Event, the Constructam Caravan Club flag is raised!

An impression of a CCC event

A special reunion

A very special event was organized in the spring of 2008 in Temse, the birthplace of the Constructam caravan. This time the Open Door Day took place on the quay of Temse where the participants were welcomed by the deputy mayor. And to everyone's surprise, the brothers Theo and Lucien van der Herten came to visit! Also for them it was an emotional reunion with dozens of Constructams from almost the entire production period!

Lucien van der Herten op bezoek bij het Evenement in Temse
Lucien van der Herten visiting the Event in Temse
Sommige caravans hebben een luikje met de handtekening van de oprichters van Constructam
Some caravans have a hatch with the signature of the founders of Constructam.

Like real stars, the brothers handed out signatures. Also on the inside of cabinet doors, so some Constructams have a very nice memory of this day. When leaving the city, the column of caravans received police escort and all intersections were cleared for this beautiful parade. Just driving with so many Constructams had something magical!

Fortunately, both the exodus and the visit of the brothers Van der Herten were filmed:

A Record

Another special Autumn event took place in 2013 in Voorthuizen to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Constructam Caravan Club. During the event there were all kinds of extra activities and on Saturday 7 September was the Open Door Day with an absolute record of no less than 118 Constructams! The mayor of Voorthuizen came especially to confirm this beautiful record with an official certificate.

The mayor of Voorthuizen hands over the certificate and the cup to then chairman Marion de Laat.