DIY weekend

One of the important goals of the CCC is the exchange of technical knowledge and skills for and by members so that the caravan can be brought or kept in a good condition at not too high a cost. That is why, for example, the "Klusweekend" is organized every year at Easter at the spare parts house in Nederweert.

During the DIY weekend, members of the caravan do a variety of large and small jobs. This varies from replacing windows and rubbers, restoring doors, replacing parts of a floor, small welding work and even re-applying aluminum plating.

A few weeks in advance, members are informed by email about the weekend and asked what jobs they want to do so the CCC can make sure that enough material and skills are available during the weekend. Because usually more than one member is present, there is always someone who can lend a hand or advise.

During the DIY weekend we camp on a small campsite a few minutes away from the Spare Parts House. Because it is also very pleasant atmosphere after chores, fellow members also join camping just for fun!