Inspection and insurance

The inspection in full swing

The CCC considers it of great importance that members set off with a safe caravan. This means that the Constructam must be technically sound both indoors (gas, electricity, etc.) and outdoors (brake, axle, lighting, etc.). These points will therefore be checked during an inspection. Another reason for having the caravan inspected is that an inspection report and accompanying valuation are required for the insurance at Kuiper Verzekeringen B.V. An inspection report is valid for three years, after which the caravan must be inspected again.

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Inspection Organization

The CCC organizes the inspections a few times a year and keeps a record of when a previously inspected caravan is due for re-inspection. The owner is personally informed of this. The inspections are only accessible to members of the CCC. The inspections are carried out by an inspector with extensive experience in this type of work. The CCC provides a suitable room where the inspection takes place.

What is the inspection looking at?

Tijdens de keuring worden zowel technische als esthetische zaken bekeken. Een volledig overzicht is in het keuringsformulier te vinden. Zo wordt het onderstel gecontroleerd (as, chassis, dissel, velgen, schokdempers, neuswiel etc.). Aparte aandacht is er voor de leeftijd en kwaliteit van de banden. De banden mogen (voor de verzekering) niet ouder dan 6 jaar zijn. Ook wordt aandacht besteed aan de koppeling met de auto. Het functioneren en staat van de reminrichting is natuurlijk een van de belangrijkste onderdelen van de keuring.

Previously the inspection was held at Triorep in Scherpenzeel.

In addition to performing a brake test, the brake cables, parking brake and breakaway device are also examined for possible defects. To go on the road safely, the lighting is also crucial. During the inspection, the operation of the lighting (brake, blinker, license plate lighting and plug) is checked. Special attention is also paid to gas-related issues, such as the gas pressure regulator, the expiration date of the gas hose and with special equipment it is measured whether the gas hose is not leaking. It is also checked whether the gas tank is sufficiently ventilated to prevent gas accumulation.

If defects are found during the inspection you can have them repaired professionally or during the DIY days with fellow members and under expert supervision.

In order to determine the value required for the insurance, the condition of the exterior paintwork, maintenance of the interior, quality of the cabinets and the upholstery will be determined during the inspection. For an overview of all the points that are looked at during the inspection, an empty inspection report is added as an appendix. As can be seen on that report, this document is signed by the board member responsible for the inspection and of course by the inspector. The appraisal value is also recorded. The inspection reports are sent to Kuiper Verzekeringen B.V. by the board member who is responsible for the inspection. Also in the membership records is kept which caravan has been inspected when, so that after three years a message about a re-inspection can be sent to the owner.

Costs of the Inspection

The inspection has to cover costs and therefore costs 20 euro for members and 30 euro for non-members. Of these, the expenses of the inspector will be paid, among other things.