Constructam Caravan Club Membership


Membership of the CCC has several advantages. For example, it is possible to insure the caravan through the club at Kuiper Verzekeringen B.V. in Heerenveen. In recent years, the value of the Constructam Caravan has increased steadily and it is worthwhile to insure it.

You can apply for membership using our member portal (select option "Aanmelden als lid" at the bottom of the green area)


The CCC organizes a (technical) inspection of the caravan a few times a few years. As a CCC member you will automatically receive a message when your caravan needs to be inspected. The inspection is carried out by a specialist. You need an inspection and valuation report for the collective insurance. But even more important is that during the inspection the safety and technology is carefully examined, so that the caravan can be driven safely to the camping destination. Click here for the full description of an inspection.

During the inspection your caravan will be checked from all sides.

Spare parts house

The CCC manages a Parts House in Nederweert where parts of caravans that could no longer be saved are stored. Because the Constructam Caravan is increasingly popular, more and more caravans are saved from demolition and fewer and fewer parts are released. Members have priority over the few parts that are still present in the Parts House. Fortunately, new technology such as 3D printing means that more and more parts such as window hinges are available. Click here to get to the parts house.

n 1972 wordt de polyester kap vervangen door een dak van polyester
In 1972 the polyester roof was replaced by a roof made of polyester.

DIY weekend

Especially for members, every year at Easter the DIY weekend organized. The owners do large and small jobs on the caravan. You have to indicate in advance what you want to do, so there is enough material and expertise available during the weekend.

During the DIY Weekend, large and small jobs are carried out.