Forum rules

Register and the forum rules

The forum function on this website consists of an audience and members forum

The public forum on this website is accessible to everyone (including non-members). However, to be able to post and reply to messages it is necessary to be logged in.

The members forum is only accessible to members. Both to see or post messages it is necessary to be logged in.

Logging in means that you agree to our forum rules. Members who do not abide by the forum rules may be banned from this forum, with or without a warning.


Considering the amount of messages and the impossibility to check all aspects of them, the Constructam caravan club takes no responsibility for the correctness, (in)completeness or legal admissibility of messages. Each member is responsible for his/her own message.

Posting messages

Use a clear subject/title.

  • Topics such as: "I'm looking for a caravan", "", "help" or "is this something" are meaningless and make searching for certain messages more difficult. Indicate clearly and concisely in the subject what your question or message is about.
  • Before placing a question always use the search function. There is a chance that your question has already been asked once before, post clear messages with relevant information. Better not post messages that are unclear, nonsensical or meaningless.
  • When posting a message, pay attention to legibility (language errors, dots, commas, capital letters). This increases the chance of a sensible response.
  • Place questions or comments in the appropriate (sub)forum.
  • Do not post the same message multiple times in different groups.
  • If you have a private question or offer to a member, please do so via a personal email.
  • Do not end your message with a greeting every time. That's very nice, but unnecessary on a forum. We already greet each other by default.
  • Discussions about private matters, gossip, chat and other messages are not allowed on this forum.

Rules of decency

On this forum the normal rules of decency apply, therefore undesirable:

  • The use of swear words or obscene language
  • Insulting someone or attacking them in a vulgar way.
  • Posting someone's private information.
  • Always be helpful and show respect to others and the forum.


Prohibited is:

  • Advertising and promoting products
  • Anything prohibited by law


Undesirable is:

  • Behave like a moderator.
  • Placing comments/warnings in a message that you think should be moderated. Alert a moderator.
  • Make comments about language errors or illegibility of a message.
  • Proceed to a funny comment or message about language errors. This also applies to comments about language errors and illegibility. After one comment it is clear, so don't continue on that.
  • Refer to a manual or search function. Mention at least a few search terms or the direction in which you want to search. This applies especially to references to search engines on the Internet. Keep in mind that many new members ended up on our forum precisely through those search engines.
  • Post a message in a different font or color. The text formatting functions (color, font, bold, italic, etc.) are only intended to create accents in messages. Entire messages in color, bold etc. makes the forum "messy" and less readable.


Anyone who has problems with the content of a certain message can report this in an e-mail to a moderator. This message must contain a clear description of the objection. Every complaint will be reviewed and if necessary action will be taken. If you disagree with a decision made by a moderator/member of the board, please reply with a clear description of why you disagree. Never do this openly in the forum! Send your message to our board.


A moderator supervises the correct use of the forum. If messages do not comply, he will take action if necessary. In all cases not covered by the rules, the moderator(s) have the right to decide after consultation with the board.

The actions of a moderator can consist of it:

  • moving messages
  • deleting messages
  • modifying messages
  • posting general warnings on the forum

The actions of the board may consist of:

  • Sending personal alerts by personal email
  • temporarily or permanently banned from the forum

The board has the last word in adapting, interpreting and applying these rules.